Choosing Kindle Fire

KindleFireHDIf you have been thinking about purchasing a Kindle Fire, you may have noticed that there are now three more options. As if the Kindle was not cool enough already, it now comes with HD, 4G and larger screen options. There is something for everyone in the Kindle family.

We’ll start with the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ with 4G. This model has enough speed and storage to keep even the pickiest of technophiles happy. This model comes with a crystal clear HD LCD display. Fast connection options with 4G LTE capability, dual band and dual antenna Wi-Fi. With this model storage will never be an issue. As will all Kindle products the Fire HD 4G comes with Cloud storage for all of your Amazon content. A little bit of a splurge at starting at $499 but it is more then worth the price for those who need the speed. As an added bonus, when members join Amazon Prime, not only do they receive free shipping for a year they also get access to Amazon’s lending library. This allows members to check out over 100,000 books for free with no due dates.

Next is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ This model will do everything the the other model can do minus the 4G capability. The Fire HD you still get super fast Wi-Fi, stunningly sharp displays, anti-glare screen and of course the cloud. You won’t compromise on rich color and contrast and you save $200 by foregoing the 4G option. So, this model is a steal starting at $299. This option is still great for watching movies and TV shows, surfing the net and reading your favorite books.


Still a little too rich for your blood, but still want the HD technology? The basic Kindle Fire HD option is $100 less to downgrade to a 7″ screen. Still with crystal clear pictures. You still get to bonus of free Skype calls with the forward facing camera and more cloud storage that you can shake a stick at with the much more affordable price tag of $199. You really can not go wrong with any Kindle Model you choose, but you might have to wrestle it away from your kids. Especially if you take advantage of Kindle FreeTime, a new service geared toward the kids, coming out in October of 2012. In days when you can find pretty much anything on the internet what parent doesn’t need a little help monitoring content. FreeTime allows Parents are able to limit site access and screen time, giving parents peace of mind. Who wouldn’t love that?