Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a hot up of tea or coffee. Enjoying some hot chocolate after getting cozy on the couch is an excellent way to spend an evening off of work. The Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot is a product that will fit in a dorm room or office.

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Quickly boil water for your favorite drink with this Chef’s Choice International cordless electric hot pot. It is fabricated from stainless steel, you can use this product for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. It also features an external water gauge for measuring the perfect water amount and an auto shut off feature for safety. Great for making your favorite hot beverage, this cordless ekectric hot pot is a kitchen essential.

9-3/10″ L x 8-7/10″ W x 7-1/5″ H, with a 1.75 ounce capacity

Price: $80.00

It packs 1,500 watts of electricity that boils water faster than any conventional oven or microwave. For easy pouring, the cordless pot can be lifted away from the base station. For a small price, anyone can enjoy hot beverages without waiting for their microwave or oven to do the job.

Specifications of the Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot

Average Price: $59.95
Size: Measures 9.3 x 8.7 x 7.2 inches
Programmable: No
Preset Menu Options: No
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Delay Start Timer: No
Visual Display: No
Warranty: 1 Year
Materials: Smooth Stainless Steel and Mirror Finish

What’s great about the Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot?

1,500 Watts of Power: This is obviously the most prominent feature that this product has. With this much power, this cordless electric pot is capable of boiling a single quart of water incredibly fast. The fact that this product is capable of boiling water even faster than microwaves and conventional ovens is what really makes it stand out.

Ease of Use: What makes this product truly remarkable is the fact that the pot is completely cordless. Once the water inside has started boiling, the pot can be removed for easy pouring. The cordless pot is easily lifted from the base station allowing for effortless creation of virtually any hot beverage.

Great Style: This product is made from 18/10 stainless steel that sports a matte-finish. The lid, bottom and handle are made of durable, black plastic. On the outside, the cordless pot is polished giving it a mirror finish that will look spectacular in any home. The finish on the outside of the pot also makes for easy cleaning.

Superb Safety: One of the most important factors for any electrical device is safety. Fortunately, the company that created the Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot did not forget about safety. This product has a feature that causes the pot to shutoff automatically after the water inside reaches the boiling point.

For even more safety, the pot will also shutoff if it senses that the water inside has dried up completely. It is also important to note that the lid will only open if a button on the handle is pressed.

Display: Checking the pot’s water level is easy because it has a gauge that shows how much water is in the pot. Also, a light comes on to show when the pot is in operation. With these handy, visual displays, it is easy to have a pot of boiling water ready faster than using a microwave or oven.

Enclosed Heating Element: This is a great feature that prevents excessive maintenance and upkeep. By enclosing the heating element, there will never be any mineral buildup that needs to be cleaned. The 1,500 watts of power supplied to the heating element can heat water efficiently without creating unwanted upkeep for the owner.

What’s not so great about the Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot?

Capacity: This is probably the biggest downside to this product. One quart will work great for most applications, but a larger capacity would give this product much more flexibility in terms of usage. This product is definitely great for small applications such as for soup, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, but it will not work at all for beverages that require a larger capacity.

Plastic Lid: A lid made from stainless steel or another very durable material would give the product a much better overall reliability.

Is the Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot a great purchase?

Anyone who loves coffee or other hot beverages will really enjoy the Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot. This product saves a huge amount of time, which is an asset that everybody could use more of. Boiling a quart of water for virtually any type of hot beverage is what this product will do best.

It will beat any conventional microwave or oven, which is why it is appealing for most people. This product has excellent safety features for anyone who has a mediocre memory. The gauge makes it very easy to tell how much water is in the cordless pot, and the fact that the pot is cordless makes pouring very easy. There is no need to fight with the cordless pot to get it off of the base because it simply lifts away for very easy beverages.
Made from stainless steel with an exterior that sports a mirror finish and brushed interior finish, the Chef’s Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot will look extraordinary in any environment. This product will go above and beyond for anyone who loves to enjoy hot beverages often.