Barbie in Princess Power Corinne Doll Review 2016

The Barbie in Princess Power Corrine Doll is the perfect toy for kids who love playing with dolls and princesses. This toy features a dress that lights up at the touch of a button. In Barbie in Princess Power movie, a modern-day princess is kissed by a magical butterfly and discovers she has super powers. Will she join forces with her “super” friends and rid the kingdom of its enemy? The Barbie in Princess Power Corrine Doll is a great toy to consider for your little ones. With almost no detachable accessories, this toy is perfect for all ages, recommended 3 years and older.

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Rock N Royals Courtney Barbie Doll

Rock N Royals Courtney is an excellent choice for any child with a wide imagination and dreams for the future. The color of the clothing and Courtney’s hair are current day trends in the young adult population which make the doll more realistic. The best part of all is the music. Children adore listening, singing and dancing to music. Putting music into any toy gives every child motivation to get up and dance which is an awesome incentive to encourage movement. A superb value for a product of this nature. There will be nothing but endless smiles while your little princess is playing with her favorite Rock N Royals Courtney doll.

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Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset

Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset: Place Barbie doll into the saddle, and move Tawny horse along as they set off on their ride – such realistic motions! ‘Feed’ Tawny horse carrots or hay. She can even bend down to ‘drink’ out of her bucket – activate by pushing the back of her saddle! Tawny horse nuzzles Barbie doll to say thank you – simply push the front of her saddle to activate the motion! Barbie doll looks casually cool in faded ‘jeans’, floral print t-shirt, riding boots and a riding helmet in signature pink.

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Best Barbie Sisters Chelsea Swing Set Review 2016

Barbie Sisters Chelsea Swing Set: Chelsea doll’s swing set has made her backyard a mecca for her friends! With its delicate design, bright colors and plenty of pink and purple touches, it’s the perfect place for the friends to create fond memories. They can ride the slide or have a turn in the swings. There are two seats – one for Chelsea doll and one for her pet bunny. A delightful beaded strap keeps the smaller rider safely in place, while Chelsea doll sits securely in her swing. Give the swings a push to “catch some air.” It’s a beautiful ride.

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Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday African-American Doll


Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday African-American Doll – This year, Barbie has returned to traditional colors. A rich red fabric modernizes a classic silhouette. Golden lace peeks out from under the full, floor-length skirt and adorns the top of her strapless bodice. A bright gold-colored bow accents her waist with long ends.

Matching accessories are also golden: gorgeous shoes and a statement necklace with a rich floral pattern. Long, wavy locks, bright red lips and red nails are festive touches for any holiday party.

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Barbie Birthday Doll Review

Barbie Birthday Doll review: A doll that is ready to celebrate any girl’s special day, this Barbie comes attired in festive, bright colors and features a detailed necklace, tiara, and shoes in a great shade of pink. Although it does have some small parts, it is a great gift for children over 3 years of age. Its affordable price, quality, and detail, make this a toy to consider when buying a gift for any little girl out there.

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