BURG Neon 16A Smartwatch Phone with SIM Card for iOS and Android – Pink

We at BURG believe that SmartWatches are the future. While mobile devices are getting smaller, smartphones are getting bigger. The Smartwatch Phone is the answer to that gap. BURG Smartwatches operate independently as a fully functioning mobile phone and Smartwatch or as an extension of your existing Smartphone via Bluetooth tether. With over five years of experience in the Smartwatch and Mobile Phone category, BURG knows what it takes to design and develop Smartwatches. Having a committed team and a professional research and development team in-house we can develop new models and technologies to keep up with the every changing landscape of the wearable-technology lifestyle. BURG’s mission is to use Dutch Design to produce cool, useful, and original Smartwatch Phones and accessories that will change not only the phone industry, but your way of life.

Price: $189.99