Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset

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Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll

The Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset review – this is the perfect toy for kids who love Horses and Barbie dolls. This Barbie Doll play set comes with a beautiful Barbie horse, and a plethora of accessories to go with it. Tawny the horse and Barbie are ready to ride, and make your child happy.


Girls will love this play set that comes with Barbie doll, Tawny horse and the perfect accessories for a day of horseback riding. Tawny horse has a special feature that allows girls to activate nuzzling or feeding motions.

Casually Cool Look

Clip Barbie doll into Tawny horse’s saddle and place her feet in the stirrups to go for a ride. Barbie looks stylish and ready for a day on horseback in a casual riding outfit of faded jeans and floral shirt. A brown belt and tall brown boots are stylish and smart. A decorated pink helmet completes the look.

Tawny horse can say ‘thank you’ with a cuddle – push the front of her saddle and she leans forward for a realistic nuzzle with Barbie doll. Girls will love playing out equestrian stories with these two fabulous friends!

Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset

What’s in the Box?
Two Figures that include:
-1 Classic Horse riding Barbie doll
-1 Tawny the Horse, a beautiful creature with a long blonde mane.
One Outfit including:
-1 Pink short sleeve shirt, enhanced with a gorgeous blue floral pattern
-1 Pair of trendy and distressed riding jeans
-1 Thick brown woven belt
-1 Pair of brown riding boots to match the belt
-1 Hot pink riding helmet meant to keep Barbie safe
Accessories including:
-1 Blue bucket to hold Tawny’s food
-1 Bundle of carrots to feed to Tawny
-1 Hot pink horse brush to keep Tawny well groomed
-1 Bundle of hay to feed to Tawny

Extra Features of Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse 

Tawny’s saddle features a button that can activate the horse’s movements. Tawny is able to nuzzle Barbie in gratitude and love, and she can even bend down to reach her food.

Barbie doll and Tawny horse are ready to ride! Place Barbie doll into the saddle, and move Tawny horse along as they set off on their ride – such realistic motion! ‘Feed’ Tawny horse carrots or hay. She can even bend down to ‘drink’ out of her bucket – activate by pushing the back of her saddle! Tawny horse nuzzles Barbie doll to say thank you – simply push the front of her saddle to activate the motion! Barbie doll looks casually cool in faded ‘jeans’, floral print t-shirt, riding boots and a riding helmet in signature pink.

Girls can use the included brush to groom Tawny horse’s magnificent mane and tail.

Once they are back from their ride, Barbie doll can groom Tawny horse’s gorgeous white mane with the heart-shaped brush or feed her carrots, hay or water from the pail. Push down on the back of her saddle to cause Tawny horse to bend her neck down so she can pretend to eat or drink water from the bucket. Tawny horse can say ‘thank you’ with a cuddle – push the front of her saddle and she leans forward for a realistic nuzzle with Barbie doll.

Is It Worth To Buy Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset 

1. Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Play set toy has extra features that are not usually seen in most Barbie play sets. Tawny the horse is able to move at the touch of a button. These movements add to playtime in a whole new and exciting way.

2. This play set offers great versatility. The toy works well on its own, but could also be easily paired with other Barbie dolls and play sets.

3. This Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Play set offers very high quality. The Barbie name is associated with high quality toys that are built to last. You can rest assured that this Barbie play set is one that your kids will be able to play with for years.

4. The Barbie play set is a great gift choice. Sure to make any child smile, this exciting and new toy will make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Things to Consider

1. Not safe for younger children. Due to the fact that this toy includes a few small accessories and gadgets, a choking hazard is something that needs to be considered. Some of the smaller pieces could easily be swallowed accidentally by young children. Please be aware of this when purchasing this toy.

2. This toy is not as affordable as other Barbie sets and toys. Priced at $30.99, it is quite a bit more expensive than other toys. This is due to the fact that Tawny the horse is able to move, which is an additional and more impressive feature.

Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset Review

The Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset is a great choice overall. The additional features are what really sets this toy apart from the rest. With Tawny’s ability to nuzzle Barbie out of love and gratitude, to Tawny’s ability to bend down and appear as though she is eating food, the toy is well worth paying a few extra dollars. The toy is a beautifully created one, with Barbie’s aesthetically pleasing outfit, to Tawny’s majestic stance and beautiful coloring and flowing mane. This toy is made of the highest quality and would be a great fit for any child. A great gift option for any occasion.