Barbie All Dolled Up STARDOLL Brunette With Red Dress Review

Barbie All Dolled Up STARDOLL Brunette With Red Dress

Barbie All Dolled Up STARDOLL Brunette With Red Dress
Barbie All Dolled Up STARDOLL Brunet…

Barbie is a firm favorite year after year. This couldn’t be made more obvious than by the sheer number of new Barbie toys that are released all the time. Barbie’s makers are constantly looking for exciting new ways to present Barbie, and the latest is with the Barbie All Dolled Up line. This differs from standard Barbie products by being affiliated with STARDOLL – an online fashion game for kids. So is the Barbie All Dolled Up STARDOLL actually worth buying? Let’s find out.


Key Features Of The Barbie Brunette STARDOLL


* Fashionable outfit,
* Great features and accents,
* For ages 6 – 14.

Is The Barbie Brunette STARDOLL Worth Buying


Barbie dolls have been a favorite for decades, and the going seems to be as strong as ever. If your child is a Barbie fan, then you’ll probably be on the lookout for a new Barbie toy this Christmas, and if so you might have come across the Barbie All Dolled Up STARDOLL.

STARDOLL is an online fashion game for kids that allows them to play with virtual dolls and try out all kinds of outfits. This Barbie is designed to fit in with the STARDOLL styles and give your child the chance to see STARDOLL outfits in real life rather than on the screen.

The STARDOLL outfits are all trendy, and the outfit on this Barbie is no exception. The dress on this doll is really beautiful and comes in a fantastic shade of red. It’s a great piece of design, and makes Barbie really look upmarket.

On top of the dress itself, this brunette Barbie has a range of other great features that make it stand out from the crowd. Firstly, the chain accents are really cute. They give a slight urban chic to the doll that doesn’t exist with standard Barbies. Another great touch with this doll are the fingerless gloves which, combined with the dress and chain accents, really make for a unique appearance. Topping it all off are the fashion tights as well as the dramatic eyelashes and cool make-up and hair.

As this isn’t the only STARDOLL Barbie, it’s also possible to buy more than one and to mix and match outfits that allows your child to create their own funky styles.

Unfortunately, this doll isn’t ideal for regular play. It only has three points of articulation – the neck and arms. The legs and hips are completely rigid, which really limits the interactivity with this toy.

Another issue is that this doll isn’t designed to withstand rough handling. That means it’s not such a great choice for playtime if your child likes to put Barbie through accidents that regularly leave her in hospital!

Overall, this is a really nice doll, and worth buying. Just remember that it’s better as a showpiece or for gentle kids than as a real plaything.