Baby Wanna Walk African American Doll Review

Baby Wanna Walk African American Doll

Baby Wanna Walk African American Doll
Baby Wanna Walk, African American

Dolls of all types have long been a firm favorite toy. In fact, dolls make up one of the biggest segments of the toy market, and it’s no surprise when you pop into a toy shop and take a look at the shelves. With so many dolls available, new dolls need to do something different, and the Baby Wanna Walk doll does exactly this. It’s one of the few dolls that is able to walk on its own, meaning it offers something really different. However, novelty doesn’t always make for a good product, so let’s find out if it’s worth buying.


Key Features Of The Baby Wanna Walk African American


* Walks all by herself,
* Plays over 40 phrases and sounds,
* Lovely design,
* For ages 3+.


Is The Baby Wanna Walk African American Worth Buying


If you’re looking for a doll as a Christmas gift for your child then you might already have heard about the Baby Wanna Walk African American doll. Currently, there really aren’t enough African American dolls on the market, so that alone makes the Baby Wanna Walk a great new product.

However, the Baby Wanna Walk’s primary selling point is the ability to walk. Most dolls can’t even stand up, let alone walk, but this little doll manages just fine! That’s thanks to the innovative design that enables this toy to take its first baby steps all by itself – with a little hand-holding from your kids as encouragement.

The dolls legs move, enabling it to take a wobbly walk across flat surfaces, much like a real-life first-time walker. Being able to walk really does set this doll apart from others, and is a great feature to keep kids interested.

Making the doll more interesting still are the more than 40 phrases and sound effects that it plays. Some of these make the doll very endearing, especially “I love you mommy”. The doll frequently reminds you that it wants to walk, and also asks for “mommy” to hold her hand. These phrases add a great level of interaction to the toy which makes play time especially enjoyable for kids.

The doll is durably constructed, meaning it’ll stand up to some fairly rough play from young children. Just don’t let it get submerged in water as this toy is surface clean only, and not designed to get wet inside. The doll is also made mainly from hard plastic, which means its not the most cuddly of dolls and isn’t likely to end up a bed-time favorite.

However, the beautiful design and fun features make this an excellent all-round toy. If your child enjoys playing with dolls then they’ll love the Baby Wanna Walk African American doll.