Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th Generation

Apple IPod Touch 8GB 4th Generation

With the popularity of the Apple iPod, it’s no surprise the 4th Generation Apple iPod Touch with 8GB of memory is both popular and a best seller. It offers users the superior iPod experience they’ve come to expect with a slightly lower price tag than other iPods that makes it affordable for more of the general population.


Apple iPod Touch Description

The world’s most popular portable gaming device is now even more fun. It’s now available in both black and white. The iPod touch includes iOS 5 with over 200 new features, like iMessage, Notification Center, and Twitter integration. You can send free, unlimited text messages over Wi-Fi with iMessage.

This iPod Touch allows you to record HD video and make FaceTime calls. Apps are just a visit away. The App Store offers over 500,000 apps you can choose from. The Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th Generation also features iCloud, which stores your music, photos, and apps. With basic editing built into the iPod touch, you can also load videos directly onto YouTube from the iPod itself. It seems there’s no limit in what this iPod can do!


If you want to step it up a notch when it comes to memory, there are 32GB and 64GB versions available at a slightly higher price that will hold more media for you.


Stand Out Feature

One excellent part of this iPod Touch is the Retina display. It makes everything you see and do on the iPod touch look amazing. That’s because the Retina display’s pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. It makes everything look sharper. This means images, games, movies, and photos virtually pop off the screen. Text in books, web pages, and email is crisp at any size, too.

Other Notable Features

The Apple iPod Touch 8GB 4th Generation has a number of features that differentiate it from other MP3 players. This is a product that certainly stands out from the crowds.

  • It has 8 GB capacity for about 2,000 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video
  • There are up to 40 hours of audio playback or 7 hours of video playback on the battery life
  • It has support for AAC, Protected AAC (iTunes Store) and other audio formats, such as  H.264, MPEG-4
  • It has a one-year limited warranty
  • The overall display size is 3.5 inches. It’s 4.4 inches high, 2.3 inches wide 0.28 inches long
  • It weighs just 100.0 grams


There aren’t many disadvantages to this iPod Touch but there are a few. The price is not extremely cheap compared to many off brand MP3 players. In addition, the camera is not as good as the iPhone’s. Some people have also reported that the glass shattered rather easily when the iPod was dropped. But complaints on this iPod are few and far between.

Should You Buy a 4th Generation Apple iPod Touch?

The AppleiPod Touch  8GB 4th Generation is incredibly popular right now due to its lower price compared to the larger memory iPod Touch versions. Overall, this product gets great reviews. It is one of the best sellers on today. The diversity of the features it offers can’t be matched for the price. This is a great introductory Apple product for young and old and is certainly worth the $188.00 price tag attached to it.


Apple IPod Touch 8GB 4th Generation