Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker Chair

Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker


Gift Idea For Gamers 


Got a partner or teen who loves their video games? If you often notice them spending hours in front of the games console then it could be time to get them their own dedicated gaming chair. The Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker makes a unique Christmas gift that won’t cost too much, and will really enhance their gaming experience.


Features Of The Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker


* Made from wood, steel and vinyl,
* Includes wireless speakers with volume control, input/ output jacks, headphone jack and side control panel,
* Easy to assemble,
* Uses fire retardant foam,
* Can connect up to Playstation, Xbox, Wii, MP3, CD, DVD, iPod, home theater.


Benefits Of The Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker


One thing to look for in any gaming chair is comfort, and the Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker certainly has that. It’s designed for adults, rather than kids, and is comfy enough even for those who play video games for long periods of time. It’s also very sturdy to sit in, which is important when some comparable video gaming chairs can be a little rocky.


Assembly is always important to consider on an item like this, but thankfully the X-Rocker is easy to put together. Although you have to add the arm rests, it doesn’t take long and there’s an allen key included to make this as easy as possible.


You can hook up a whole range of devices to the speakers in this chair, as all the cables come included. This means you can use it to relax while you listen to your iPod, or connect it up to video games using the wireless technology. The speakers are also housed very well in the design, at just the right angle to experience the sound the way it should be heard (from all around your head).


Drawbacks Of The Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker


The only negative about this chair is the fact that it does take up space. However, it folds up if you need to get it out of the way for any reason, and it’s still smaller than a full chair for the gaming room. Its price means that it’s not the very best quality padding in a chair, but then again it’s well worth the money you pay and can keep you comfortable for hours on end. Most buyers have reported just how much their partner loved this chair as a gift!


Is It Worth Buying An X-Rocker Chair?


If you’ve got someone who loves their games then an X-rocker is an excellent accessory. These chairs are not only comfortable for gaming, but they also pull you into the gaming experience as you hear the sound from all around you. The Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker, specifically, comes in at an excellent price point and will make a fun gift for the special man in your life.


Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker