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If your daughter loves the group One Direction, then the new 1D Dolls available will be great gifts for her.  You can get her a favorite band member or you can pick up the entire band.  There are 10 dolls available in all.

The new Niall doll comes wearing a blue and white t-shirt and khaki pants.  He’s wearing coordinating sneakers. He comes with a microphone accessory that he can hold in his hand while he performs.

There’s also a previous version of Niall wearing an orange long sleeve shirt and jeans with matching sneakers.  If your daughter already has this one, she’ll love adding the new one to her collection.

The new Zayn doll comes wearing a white sweater and khaki pants.  He also sports a microphone.  The previous version of this doll is wearing a letter jacket, gray t-shirt, and jeans.  If your daughter loves Zayn she’ll love either version.

The Louis doll that came out this year features him wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt, orange cuffed pants and white sneakers.  He can sing right into the microphone he’s holding.  Last year’s model of Louis was also wearing a striped shirt, but paired with khaki pants.


If Liam is your little girl’s favorite, she’ll love the new Liam doll.  He comes wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt, khaki’s and white tennis shoes.  He is also holding a microphone in one hand.  There is also a version of Liam wearing a denim button down shirt and khakis.

Finally, there’s Harry.  He’s wearing a blue plaid short-sleeved shirt, khakis, and white hi-tops.  The other outfit you can find him in is a shirt, sweater vest, blazer, jeans, and boots.  The major difference is that it didn’t come with a microphone.

Whether your daughter has one band member that’s her favorite or she loves the whole group, 1D Dolls can make a great gift.  Purchase just one or buy the whole band so she can recreate the music videos she loves so much.  They stand 10 inches tall, so they’re a good size.

These dolls are great for girls that are in the tween years.  The band One Direction is beloved by girls all over the world in their tween and young teen years.  Most parents like them because they use appropriate language in their songs.

If you’re looking for a gift for a child who’s a big fan of One Direction, then look no further.  The 1D dolls are a perfect way to take a piece of the band’s history home with you.

1D Dolls